This revised version features additional material to stiffen the blade per installer request. This tool is a whopping 14 3/4 inches long to reach those really tough rear deck areas. This tool functions much the same as the loved Conqueror, but comes with a larger body. The rigid body along with a unique design that transfers more pressure to the blade tip allows greater removal of water. In addition, the handle is designed to easily lift both inner and upper door seals. This is one must have tool for any automotive installer. Get one to try today!


Product Description


With a blade length of 14 3/4 inches overall the Titan Tool allows you to get into those hard to reach back decks.  With increased strength at the tip of the tool you can push out more water than ever with the Titan Tool.  The uniquely designed handle allows you to easily lift inner and upper door seals. ARM 99

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