Safety Window Films

Clear Safety Window Film acts like a steel curtain to hold shattered glass in place to protect you and your family from serious harm. It is invisible, yet it blocks 99% of the UV rays that cause fading.
Break-Ins: Windows are your weakest link of security. Clear Safety Film discourages break-ins by making entry through a window very difficult.

  • It protects from flying glass pieces due to explosives or objects thrown or fired at the glass.
  • It helps in situations like vandalism, riots, fires, smash and grab burglaries, etc.
  • It prevents the window pane from collapsing should natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, etc. occur.
  • Since it has high tensile strength, high elongation and superior adhesive strength, it has an amazing capacity of holding broken glass together.
  • It prevents fading of upholstery since it blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • It saves energy as it cuts about 23% of solar heat.
  • It protects you children: Sliding glass doors and running children often collide. With a Safety Film the shattered glass is held in place and the child is safe from harm.

These outstanding benefits make Armolan an ideal medium to enhance safety in Shopping Complexes, Jewelry Shops, Hotels, Banks, Embassies, Offices, Government Establishments, Commercial Complexes, Cars, etc.

Clear Safety Film

Armolan clear safety films are a widely accepted glass retention solution for properties around the globe. These films are colorless and undetectable on glass, which makes them the perfect protection retrofit. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester, aggressive adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and scratch-resistant coatings provide exceptional blast mitigation and impact resistant capabilities – with thicker films offering greater protection. Not only do these clear films help hold broken shards in place, the ultraviolet inhibitors help protect your merchandise and valuables against fade damage.

Solar Safety

Armolan solar control films are tinted to provide additional sun related benefits, beyond ultraviolet protection. Choose from toned ore metallizing finish and the more private and reflective Silver series. These films include a metallized layer of polyester, sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals for exceptional, solar control performance capabilities and color. In addition to glass retention, they’re selected for their ability to offer privacy, balance temperatures, minimize eye-straining glare, and help preserve furnishings and merchandise. Protect your occupants and property while keeping them cool and comfortable, plus yield significant energy consumption reduction with solar safety Armolan.

The Tough Defense Against Bomb Blasts

With the ever-present threat of terrorism, facility and government safety has never been a higher priority. High-risk areas now include just about every major city of the world. Even buildings in the outlying areas are susceptible to major damage if an explosion should occur. The shock wave exerts enormous amounts of pressure, breaking unprotected glass and sending harmful shards into your environment at high velocities. Armolan’s strong, resilient adhesive and flexible construction enable it to withstand severe levels of positive and negative pressure – allowing the film to move with the window should a blast occur, retaining dangerous fragments…acting as a protective barrier between you and disaster.